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Pest Control Redland Bay is the best termite pest control company. Mainly an expert in flying termites. Especially, don’t mistake them for flying ants. Both are different. We have been working in this field for almost 20 years. We are a leading pest control company. Therefore we aim to protect you from damaging termites. Likewise, we provide inspection and extermination services for these clingy termites. We have special pest control products depending on the severity of the situation. Call us to know more about our services on Pest Control Redland Bay.

Our termite control process

It is every customer’s right to know details about any service. Therefore, you should be informed on how termites are controlled and exterminated. Go through the steps taken towards it 

  • Pre and Post-construction treatment – It involves pre-construction and post-construction treatments.
  • Insecticide treatments – This is the common method used. Likewise, usage of barriers. During new construction, it is necessary to do this method.
  • Foam Termiticide – This method uses diluted Insecticides. Further, the texture is just like foam.
  • Preservatives for wood – Another primary step for controlling termites.
  • Fumigation – We keep the infested termite object inside a chamber. Further, we expose it to effective chemicals. Thus it kills the termites.

Termite services in Redland Bay

Our Termite control Redland Bay is an expert in pest control services. Here are the types of services we give.

  • Flying termite control – Flying termites are also called swarmer. They are found in large groups. To control them we use primary methods like insecticides and barriers. We give free quotations and affordable inspection of the property.
  • Termite inspection and removal – Removal of termites is a tiring job. Firstly termite inspection is done. Then the team uses a plan. Thus, they get rid of termites according to the situation.
  • Domestic termite control – Whether it’s households or your offices we are always here for you. In Redland Bay, we provide domestic termite control.
  • Restaurant termite control – Along with households we also give termite control services at restaurants.
  • Pre-purchase termite inspection – This is a primary step. Firstly, before constructing or buying a new home you should get an inspection done.
  • Emergency termite control services – We give emergency termite control services in Redland Bay. The team gives speed service maintaining quality.
  • Same-day termite control – Same-day service is similar to emergency services. We provide all kinds of methods for termites.

Affordable termite controllers

We at Pest Control Redland Bay provide cost efficient services. We care about our customers. You have become our priority. Furthermore, we know termites infest homes very often. Thus, it becomes very expensive to maintain it. Therefore, we have come up with affordable termite solutions for you. Whether it is a pre-construction treatment like barriers or a post construction treatment. We use various methods to treat termites. Thus, we keep exciting discounts. Also provide offers so that you don’t regret choosing us. We wish you a happy termite control service.

Why Prefer Our Termite Control Service In Redland Bay

Pest Control Redland Bay expertise in termite control. We understand that modern problems require modern solutions. Therefore, we have come up with advanced technological methods for treating termites.

Affordable services – We believe in giving good customer service. Thus, all our termite solutions are at a very affordable cost. You need not worry about the highly expensive companies. We are here to give you a break from stress.

Timely service – Our Company is a timely service provider. You can choose to modify time and dates. We just are there whenever you wish to.

Experience – We have been in service for 20 years in Redland Bay. Hence, experience is necessary. Further we understand household situations. Thus you can trust us with termite control services.

24*7 services – We provide services all the time. As said before we care about you and respect your time.

Certified staff – All our staff in our team are verified legally. They have certified training experience. Thus they deliver fast and quality service to you.

Customer friendly – All our staff experts are customer friendly. They respect you and your home. Thus they work in an efficient way.

Unbelievable deals and offers – We give exciting offers and discounts with all our services. We keep you informed about them.

Simple booking – Pest control might be tricky but booking an appointment with us isn’t. Our customer care is patient. They will make your booking easy.


What should be taken care of during building construction to prevent termites?

Use pesticides often to prevent infestation. Don’t leave untreated wood for a single day. Discard it immediately. Remove trash like tree stumps, cardboard and paper trash. Don’t let water accumulate as this will moist the wood. Termites breed very fast in moist timber. Use the foam Insecticides inside the walls. These methods will prevent termite infestations during construction. Furthermore this will prevent further infestation.

Why should we worry about termites?

They are capable of causing extensive damage. It feeds on paper, wood, books, cardboard, filtration systems and insulations. They also feed on woody plants like shrubs. It is very common to find termites in new property or old selling properties. Thus it becomes necessary to get an inspection done.

Which treatment for termites is most effective?

Commonly the methods used are pesticides. Primary methods include barriers and termiticides. It is a special pesticide for termites. Barriers in soil aim at protecting termites to enter and infest homes and buildings. Liquid termiticides are not toxic and are safe to use. They will kill the termites in infected woods.