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Ants have an excellent sense of smell. Therefore, they get attracted to our home in search of food. They come in hundreds and invade the whole place in the blink of an eye. For ant removal, you should call ant control experts. If you are looking for a pest control company in Redland Bay for ant control service, you can call on our customer care number: 07 2000 4287 and hire our professionals. Pest Control Redland Bay provides the best ant control in the vicinity. We have licensed and trained professionals who know how to do their job precisely and safely. Therefore, the service provided by them effectively eradicates ants from every corner of the home.

Ant Control Redland Bay

Why Is Our Ant Control Service Highly-rated By Our Customers?

Performing ant control is a difficult job, but our ant control specialist undergoes training and has experience in this field that makes their job easy and comfortable. Our professionals use technologically advanced pest control tools that remove ants efficiently. The pesticides used by our professionals are eco-friendly and no harm is caused to anyone during the process. Our customers are highly-pleased by our client servicing. We provide 24*7 and 365 days ant control service in Redland Bay. You can call our professionals for performing ant control at any time of the day. Thus, our service is feasible for all our customers. We provide effective and efficient ant control service without causing a hole in the pocket. Therefore, our service is highly-rated in Redland Bay by our customers.

Get in touch with the best Ant Removal Company in Redland 

Ants are small little creatures who are much stronger than they appear. Also, there are around 12000 varieties of ants on this planet. Therefore, it sounds very fascinating. But they are also one of the most common pests found everywhere. The truth is ants can cause serious damages to your homes. Furthermore, they are a threat to wooden furniture and gardens. Pest Control Redland Bay offers discreet solutions to ant pest problems. We use traps and baits to deal with the ants. Our team of Ant Removal Redland offers professional services in Australia.

We lookout for effective treatments to ant infestations. Therefore call our toll free number

Ant Control Tips and Tricks 

Are these tiny pests getting on your nerves? Here are some of the tips and tricks you can apply for ants at home – 

  • Keep regular spots clean – Firstly, ants are usually found in kitchens, storage, and bathrooms. Therefore, maintain cleanliness here. Don’t leave any food crumbs around. 
  • Garbage disposal – Make sure to dispose of garbage regularly. 
  • Avoid stagnated water – Don’t let still water anywhere. Ants are attracted to moisture. 
  • Use baits – You can use chalks or other baits that ants will carry back to their nest. In this way, all the ants will die with time. You can use borax but avoid it if you have children and pets at home. There are plenty of other bait options. 
  • Vinegar solution – Mix vinegar and water in 50/50 and mop your floor with it. This way the ant trails are killed. And will avoid ants from coming out of their nests. 
  • Identify ant nests – In the end, look out for ant nests indoors and outdoors. Use Insecticides to spray into them. In this case, call a professional. They will destroy the last trails of ants without any hassle. 

Affordable Ant Removal Services Redland 

Firstly, our Ant Control team consists of only professionals and experts. Are you looking out for the best “Ant Control near me”? Our team will help you out in a smooth way. We provide a variety of Ant Removal Services here in Redland. Thus, call our toll-free for Best Ant Control researched methods. On top of quality services, our And treatment Service is at a very affordable cost. Moreover, who can say a no to a quick, affordable, and reliable pest control service. 

Thus, book your affordable Ant removal service today!

Different kinds of Ant Removal Redland services we provide – 

  • Ant inspection and removal – Our Ant control service is the most leading company in Redland. Thus, we can provide both inspection and ant Removal services too. 
  • Domestic Ant control – Our company provides the most professional Home Ant Control Services in Redland. Our services are available 24/7 for you. You can book a quick inspection service or treatment Service. And can choose from flexible timings too. Therefore, don’t think about it much. We are just a call away. 
  • Restaurant Ant control – Ants are like nightmares in restaurants. It’s hard to imagine all the stored food infected by time. Thus, the only way to avoid such a severe infestation is to make timely preventive measures. Call our team for a regular ant control service. 
  • Pre-purchase Ant inspection – Are you super excited to move into your new place? But unsure about the different pests living there. Don’t worry. You can book a pre-purchase Ant inspection service with us. Our team will reach the timing you requested for. 
  • Emergency Ant control services – Looking for an emergency Ant control service? Don’t worry. As soon as you book your appointment with us, our team will reach your place in an hour. Thus, you don’t have to wait for pest control services anymore.  
  • Same day Ant control – Also, if you want your ant Control Service on the same day itself, we are happily ready to treat you with that too. Our Ant exterminators are experts that bring in expert quality services to you.

Therefore, no more complicated pest solutions to your premise. Our company gives a hassle free any Control and removal Service in Redland. 

We are the leading ant control service in Redland 

Pest Control Redland Bay is a professional ant pest control service. We treat you logically and use practical solutions for your homes. Our methods are tested and proven. Therefore, our clients trust our staff with any pest issues. Call our toll-free 07 3050 0758 to book a quick ant-control service today! 


Mia resides in Redland, Australia. She requested an emergency Ant inspection service from us. Our team managed to reach her place within an hour. They could identify 3 main ant nests. Our team destroyed the nests and laid bait traps for the rest ants. The process took 2 hours to finish. This way, Mia got her ant-free home in no time. She gave us a 5-star rating for the service. 

Why is it a lovely experience working in Redland? 

Redland Shire is a local government area in northeast Queensland, Australia. The city’s filled with colors and beauty. It’s a treat to the eyes. And the people here are friendly and smart too. We always have a good time working here. And will keep offering professional services here in Redland. 

Ant Control Redland Bay
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