Benefits Of The Fire And White Ant Baits

We all know that the white ants are very nuisance creatures who become the reason for many homeowners every year. When they infest your home then, it’s a dangerous sign for your property. They damage the costliest part of your home which is your wooden furniture.

But, if you get to know how you can get rid of white ants or termites, then, the risk of damage to your property will automatically be minimized. So, fire and white ant baits are very effective. Let’s see what are the benefits of fire and white ant baits.

Termites or white ants are very socialized insects. They love to live or build their own colonies. Many pest controls mix poisonous substances to kill the termites or white ants. Fire and white ants bait are very effective as they work very slowly but still. It is very effective on white ants. The white ants also share their food in their colony. So, when a white ant takes the baited food to their colony, all the white ants eat them which leads all of them to death.

How Do White Ant Baits Work?

We have two types of white ant baits available in the market, one is solid bait and another one is liquid bait. Most of the pest controlling services use liquid white ant baits during ant control because they only have to ingest it for transportation. In solid baits, the bait needs to be digested by the white ants to work. After the bait works all you need to do is to burn the white ant’s colony in the fire so that there is no chance of any white ant alive. Common pesticides used by residential pest control are borax or boric acid. Boric acid is a good cleansing agent but it also kills white ants due to its acidic nature.

Some Effective Strategies For White Ant Baiting

  1. Locate The Source Of Their Activity
  2. Put A Sufficient Amount Of Bait
  3. Let Them Consume The Bait Peacefully
  4. Be Patient

Benefits Of Using Fire And White Ant Baits

  1. Low Toxicity: Fire and White Ant Baits are very low toxic, so, it does not cause any harm to you.
  2. Pocket Friendly: Using baits is very pocket friendly and effective.
  3. Treat Large Areas Efficiently: Baits are preferred by many pest control issues as it covers or treats larger areas very efficiently or effectively.
  4. Reaches or treats the inaccessible colonies: As fire and white ants are very tiny creatures. They hide inside small cracks or unreachable places where it is very difficult for you to reach. But, baits reach or treat those unreachable places where fire and white ants have made their colonies.


Using baits can give you relief and save you or your home from fire and white ants. It will be difficult for you to do it by yourself, for better results you can hire any residential pest control in Redland Bay. Using baits will keep fire and white ants away and it will act as an ant barrier for your home for a long time.